Alien Languages provide multicultural and multilingual resources for children. Our language books for children include

bilingual children's books


dual language children's books


Bilingual story books

 are a great way to help children growing up in a foreign country or children living in a multilingual family.

Dual language books for children

 display the text side by side, in English and one other foreign language.

Dual language childrens books

 are therefore a great way to introduce a new language to a child and expand their cultural horizons. At Alien languages we strongly believe that

bilingual childrens books


bilingual baby books

 help a child in their language development, as well as enabling them to settle into a new country much faster.

Our range of bilingual children's book include a range of dual language story books aimed at 5-8 year olds - bilingual books for 5-8 year old children and a range of bi-lingual chldrens books aimed at much younger children and babies - bilingual books for 0-5 years.

 dual lanbguage book best seller
The Wheels on the Bus bilingual childrens book
Dual language children's book, available in English and a choice of 18 other languages.
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Bilingual Children's Story Books

We provide multilingual resources to bring languages to life for children and adults. We offer a range of products for use in educational, social settings and at home.

Communicating across cultures brings people closer together and it is great fun too. We provide a wide choice of inspiring multilingual and bilingual resources from posters and maps to books, CDs and learning resources.

Whether you are looking for a resource for a school, your family, a youth group or as a present, there is something here for you.

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