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Lost in translation

Technology is a great thing. Gone are the times when we would stare bewildered at a Spanish menu wondering if our brave attempts at deciphering its contents would result in a plate of testicles. Instead, we can simply type our dish of choice into Google Translate and hey presto (or even eh pronto?) we avoid such culinary confusions.
On the one hand, this is good news. No longer need unfortunate travellers fall foul to the usual pitfalls of smearing hair removal cream on their strawberries or facing a row of...

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Sale 10% off Milets My First Bilingual book range

We have a sale until the 31st January 2013 of Milets my First Bilingual Book range which can be found in the first category of bilingual books 0-4

They make for a fantastic addition to any bilingual book collection.  Lovely bright, crisp, clear illustrations which are sure to brighten up any readers day.

Titles to choose from Including Animals, Numbers, Colours, Instruments, Vegetables, Fruit, Home, Sports and Opposites.

The range of languages available for each book is shown in the drop down box underneath the text for that page.

New titles coming soon...

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Bilingual Brains


Getting old is hard. Slowly, but surely, everything changes. New things begin to appear in your life: wrinkles, afternoon naps and beige clothing whilst others sadly disappear – your pelvic floor and your car keys. Little can be done about the former and the days you could confidently bounce on a trampoline without fearing a small emission of wee are long gone. However, recent research from scientists at the University of Kentucky has uncovered a possible answer to the latter: being bilingual.
Older people with bilingual brains were found...
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Missing Words


There are two things in life that are never there when you need them: the first is an umbrella and the second is a polite, yet deeply accurate and witty retort to an insult. A heated exchange with a colleague can leave you seething for hours, especially when the most scathing retort you could muster at the time was, “sorry”. It’s only at 2am that you flash awake, leap from your bed and in a stroke of genius realise that what you really wanted to say was “
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Bromley Bilingual Primary School Public Meeting



Bromley Bilingual Primary School Public Meeting

02/02/2013 from 14:00 to 16:00

Do you think being fluent in English and a second language which over 265 million people speak globally would be great for your child's future?

Do you speak French and would like French to be an important part of your child's school day? Do you want your child to be taught in both...

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Do you live in Brighton?

Do you live in Brighton?

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy in Brighton  opened it's doors to it's first intake of bilingual Spanish-English students in September 2012.

''The school has, as many primary classrooms do, signs and labels in different languages. But it has a vision beyond teaching a second language: it wants to produce bilingual learners. It is a bit like the difference between doing drama at school and going to a drama school. There are Spanish lessons but Spanish isn’t just part of the curriculum - much of the curriculum...

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Congratulations to Ja Ja books

Congratulations to Ja Ja books

on the success of their story books unique bilingual story books. The text starts off in English and as the story develops words in French are increased running seamlessly into the text. At the back is a list of the French words, their meanings and an English text as to how to pronounce the words. The stories are written by Genevieve Yusut and illustrated by Suzanne Wilson and have been recognised by:
Winner of the year in Jacqueline Gold's WOW business competition (2011).
Voted book...

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Happy New Year

Well we are 2013 has arrived. Happy New Year (for this part of the world at least) and wishing everyone well for the coming year.

After winter bugs and festivities we returned to work and have got off to a flying start. Our fantastic webguys have added a blog to the site and we are delighted to welcome Megan Owen on board who will be contributing regularly to the blog with her passion and expertise in languages. Megan is fluent in French, German and English so we look forward to...

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