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Key Phrases for Schools Key Phrases for Schools

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                                                       English as a Second Language.

Starting nursery can be a bewildering experience for many children. This is further compounded if no one else can speak their home language the only language that they know. Now, you can easily speak with the child and their parent or carer in their home language. Watch their response and see the difference this kind of valuing makes!  

Touch the PENpal to this A3 laminated chart and hear key words and phrases to use with children and parents spoken fluently in 21 different languages and English.  Easy to access and fantastically simple, this practical resource is perfect for induction and a must for any setting with EAL children.

This excellent package includes the chart, the PENpal* and all the languages.
The phrases have been tried and tested with various teachers and office administrators, for the most common terms used in the school office or in class. For example, if there is a Polish child, just touch the Polish "button" and then the phrase you you want to communicate (eg Please bring your child at 9 o'clock)will be spoken in Polish. Then touch the Lithuanian hot spot and hear the same phrase spoken in Lithuanian. 

Available languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali/Sylheti, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, English, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hungarian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Mandarin, Nepali, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Shona, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Urdu.

Switch between languages instantly! Simply touch the language that you want to hear with PenPAL and then touch any phrase.

Phrases included in the chart include:

For parents.

Good Morning. Good afternoon. Hello. Goodbye. Welcome. Goodnight. Pleased to meet you. How are you? Please come inside. Would you like Tea or Coffee? What is your name? Its nice to meet you. Would you like an appointment? What is your telephone number? Would you like a translator? What is your home language? Can your child peak English? Do you understand what I am saying? Does your child have any allergies? Does your child have any illnesses? Please bring your child at 9 - 9.30 - 10 - 10.30 am. Please pick your child up at 3 - 3.30 - 3.45 - 4.00 pm.

For children.

How are you? Are you ok? It's nice to see you. Please come inside. What is your name. Thank you. Please. Yes. No. Would you like to look at a book? Would you like to listen to a story? Can you show me.. Can you see... Can you tell me.. Turn the page. What is that? That is really nice. What would you like to do? Would you like to play with..It is time to go out now. Would you like to go out to play? Do you want to go to the toilet? Please wash your hands. Please come with me. I want to show you something. Would you like to hold my hand? Would you like to put on your coat? Would you like to take off your coat? Would you like to take off your shoes? Would you like to put on your shoes? Pleases sit down. Good. Listen to me. Watch me. Copy me. Look at this. Tidy up time. What's wrong? Do you understand? Would you like some help? Would you like to join in? What are your favourite activities? What do you like doing?


Do you feel ill? Point where it hurts Don't worry-Mummy's coming. Don't worry - Daddy's coming. Don't worry it will be ok.

Key words.

Parent. Carer. Daddy. Mummy. You. Me. Brother. Sister. Neighbour. Friend. Child. Children. Adult. Baby. Babies. Grandmother. Grandfather. Auntie. Uncle.

Days of the week. Monday - Sunday.

Health - Ache. Hurts. Sick. Sore. Hot. Cold. Medicine.

Numbers 1 - 10.

Parts of the body. Head. Hair. Ears. Eyes. Mouth. Nose. Tooth. Arm. Leg. Hand. Thumb. Finger. Elbow. Knee. Foot. Toe. Shoulder. Back. Skin. Stomach. Waist. Hips.

Snack time Juice. Milk. Breakfast. Lunch. Lunch box. Spoon. Knife. Fork. Food. Plate. Cup. Eat. Drink. Not enough. More. Too much. Finish.

Emotions Happy. Sad. Angry. Unwell. Sorry. Like. Dislike. Upset. Tired. Thirsty. Hungry.

Settings Cloakroom. Office. Reception. Table. Chair. Cupboard. Drawer. Bookcase. Reading corner. Book corner. Dressing up. Corner. Carpet. Box. Music. Water. Sand. Toys. Sink. Soap. Hand dryer. Wet. Dry. Toilet. Toilet paper. Paper towel. Towel. Tissue. Flush. Wash. Bathroom. Kitchen. Living room. Bedroom.

Tools Book. Pencil. Crayon. Scissors. Glue. Cellotape. Paper. Paint. Paintbrush. Computer. Screen. Keyboard. Tape Recorder. Television. Video. Telephone. money. Doll.

Outside play Playground. Climbing frame. Slide. Bench. Ball. Game. Whistle. Bell. Gate. Skipping rope. Garden. Bike. Digging Patch. Wall. Role play.

Colours Red. Yellow. Pink. Blue. Green. Orange. Purple. Brown. Black. White.



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