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Talking Phonic Magnets Talking Phonic Magnets

Product Code: PH02

                                                           Creative Teaching

 Talking phonics magnets are a great way to teach children the correct pronunciation of each phoneme.

Children can create words from the 44 different grapheme's and then hear the sounds that they have built by touching the magnets with the PENpal.

Children can also record themselves pronouncing each phoneme, blending them to build a word and then play them back.

Each pack contains 50 Talking Magnets.

NB: You will need to purchase a PENpal (listed below) to use the interactive functions of this product.

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Product Code: EA70

                                                          To aid bilingual teaching

PenPAL is a revolutionary technology which brings multiple languages and educational experiences onto the printed page.

The PENpal detects hot spots on any page in a book or PenPEN enabled product and plays back narratives, questions, answers, quizzes, music or sound effects – which ever audio has been pre-programmed into the paper.
It also allows adults or children to record themselves interacting with the products features.
The PenPAL enabled books (with the addition of the relevant Audio File) can be heard in both languages.
EG. The customer would buy 1 PenPAL + The Little Red Hen Book in Polish + 1 Little Red Hen Polish Audio File. They would then be able to hear the book in both English and Polish.
(Some book titles are available in English Only - In this instance the customer would purchase 1 PenPAL + 1 Book and can then order as many Audio Files in different languages as they wish, to hear the story in).
You can use one Penpal for a range of resources. There is no limit to how many Audio Files can be loaded onto one PenPAL
Only the PenPAL books need the addition of the Audio Files. PenPAL products AudioFiles are included in the price of the product.

The PenPAL features an on off button, volume control and is rechargable.

The package also includes a usb which allows the owner of the PenPAL to purchase additional audiofiles at a later date.  The initial order will be downloaded for you after this additional Audio Files can be downloaded quickly and easily via e-mail.

If you have any questions please contact us at




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