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T Is For Turkey (World Alphabet) T Is For Turkey (World Alphabet)

Product Code: CL525
Author: Nilufer Topaloglu Pyper
Illustrator: Prodeepta Das

T is for Turkey, a country bridging the two great continents of Europe and Asia. It is divided by the Bosphorus and bordered by the Aegean Sea, The Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and it also has an internal sea called the Marmara. It is filled with mountains, rivers and forests, and because of its geographical position, when some of us are skiing in Erzurum, others are swimming in Antalya.

With a history going back 4,000 years, Turkey has been homeland to many civilisations. We have a magnificent ancient history, and the later Ottoman Empire once spread into three continents. In Istanbul you can see the Blue Mosque, the Dolmabahce Palace, the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar and many churches and synagogues.

Turkey has some of the best cooking in the world. Each region has its own specialities and everything looks and tastes wonderful. And Turkish people are kind, friendly, generous, practical and welcoming.

From Atatürk to Dolmus, from Roses to Van Cat, this book celebrates everything we love best about Turkey.

4 - 7 years


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