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PENpal Books For Children 2-7 Years

Sports Day In The Jungle Sports Day In The Jungle

Product Code: PP23
Author: Jill Newton

Sloth is far too slow for the jungle sports day and monkey teases him. When disaster strikes, will sloth forgive monkey and use his special skills to save the day?

This colorful books is crammed with crazy creatures, super sports and jungle facts.

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Product Code: RPP70

PENpal is a revolutionary technology which brings multiple languages and educational experiences onto the printed page.

The PENpal enabled books (with the addition of the relevant Audio File) can be heard in both languages.
EG. The customer would buy 1 PENpal + The Little Red Hen Book in Polish + 1 Little Red Hen Polish Audio File. They would then be able to hear the book in both English and Polish.
(Some book titles are available in English Only - In this instance the customer would purchase 1 PENpal+ 1 Book and can then order as many Audio Files in different languages as they wish, to hear the story in).
You can use one PENpal for a range of resources. There is no limit to how many Audio Files can be loaded onto one PENpal.
Only the PENpal books need the addition of the Audio Files. PENpal products Audio Files are included in the price of the product.

The PENpal is rechargeable and does not require batteries.

The package also includes a usb which allows the owner of the PENpal to purchase additional audio files at a later date.  The initial order will be downloaded for you after this additional Audio Files can be downloaded quickly and easily via e-mail.

If you have any questions please contact us at

The PENpal brings sound to paper. When the pen touches a poster or a book that is pen-enabled, it speaks. The pen detects sound spots on any page in a book or on any graphics on the poster and plays back narrations, questions, answers, quizzes, music or sound effects - whatever audio has been pre-programmed into the paper.

The PENpal doesn't just play back pre-recorded sound. You can use the pen to record yourself, or let children record themselves, and listen to recordings instantly. Simply switch to the recording function, touch a sound spot and record and save. This is a fantastic way to improve speaking, listening and storytelling skills. Children can re-tell the stories in books, and with our Talking Stickers, they can add content to anything: posters, books, puppets...

This extremely exciting new resource can be used in countless ways. It's fantastic for EAL: parents can record in their own language for children, and teachers can customize their resources to make them fully inclusive. 

PENpal is rechargeable and can hold up to 4GB worth of audio files.

Here are some suggestions for the use of the PENpal and sticky labels for creating customized materials for new arrival EAL learners - audio recordings can be in English and a range of other languages pertinent to the school context e.g.


- Talking uniform - what is needed for day to day, for PE, where to purchase etc

- Audio/Visual timetable - who the teachers are, how to find places, what the subjects are about etc

- Map of school - key points explained orally

- Dual-language equipment lists

- Translation of important forms - medical, ethnic monitoring etc...

- Explanations of rules




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Sports Day In The Jungle/Companion Audio PP

Sports Day In The Jungle/Companion Audio PP

Product Code: PPA23

If you wish to also buy the companion audio for this product please choose your prefered language and add it to basket.

Note: You will need to purchase the PenPAL, to play the audio file and interact with the books extra content.



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